25 Bridge Street Pike Road, AL 36064

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Pike Road's #1 Coffee shop

Pike Road's #1 Coffee shop

Kickstart your morning with us!


Kickstart your morning with us!

About Us


 An artist and a dentist walk into an antique store...  It’s not the beginning of a joke, it’s the story behind the Hole in the Wall Coffee Shop.  When Bill and Carl were discussing the idea of opening a coffee shop behind the Re‐imagined Furnishings shop, they were concerned about the amount of square footage available to them. They wanted to take in the area under the stairwell but weren’t sure what was in

there, so they decided to open up some of the sheet rock to investigate. Since the shop is entirely Marcie’s (Bill's wife), she was a little apprehensive about their beginning demolition prior to the

concept being finalized. As Bill picked up his hammer, Marcie suggested that they confirm the partnership before knocking a “Hole in the Wall”……they both said, “We’re in” and so the coffee shop came to be. We can't wait to welcome you to our shop! Stop by soon. 

Stay Awhile


Sunny days guarantee that our patio will be full of guests enjoying a drink or treat. On not-so-sunny days, we also offer comfortable seating inside our cafe with free wifi and plenty of outlets! 

More than Drinks


Although we offer a wide variety of hot and iced drinks, we also provide savory and sweet food options. So whether you're stopping for your morning coffee, breakfast, or a snack, we've got you covered!